14th February 2020

The start of something

As we enter the next decade, we do so with cautious optimism! Political uncertainly around the world has left many in business with no clear sense of direction or confidence for the future and sadly many have paid the price. Shareholders and other stakeholders can be very unforgiving, but those that choose to weather the storm have the potential to reap the rewards further down the line.

Change is coming at many levels - nationally, regionally and globally - and consequently I believe that this year will be a fundamentally important time for many companies as they plan their strategy for future growth. As a business, we understand the challenges faced by business owners and communications professionals, so we know that a lot will be riding on how companies adapt and retain a leadership position, at the same time meeting challenges such as increasingly aggressive competition, digitalisation, business transformation and talent retention – to name but a few!

For me, this year is the right time to change step, move ahead and focus our energies on the future and on what are our clients are going to need for their success in 2020 and beyond. This is exactly why we felt that this was the right time to launch Dragonbridge Communications, a specialist business-to-business communications agency with a global footprint to match that of our clients. We offer a fresh, highly experienced and agile international team, operating with real integrity, new ideas and with in-depth sector specialisation. We are always strategically focused, with the ultimate aim to deliver the care, service and results that our clients will need to fuel their growth and future success.

Yes, people will always deal with people first, but establishing trust, credibility and value differentiates you from your competitors. Supporting our clients along this road, helping them to define strategy and tactics and then communicating their value across multiple channels to their stakeholders globally, is where we at Dragonbridge add real value.

Of course, I am keenly aware that this applies as much to us as it does to our clients, which is why outstanding client care and integrity is, and always will be, top of our own personal agenda. Dragonbridge is all about connecting people and businesses worldwide through powerful communications, and now we are here to deliver the heart of your business to the minds of your customers.