30th March 2020

Stay close to your customers at a time when you can’t get close

As the world continues to safeguard itself as best it can from the threat of Coronavirus, life and the business of business must inevitably continue – albeit in a slightly altered format. The mantra of improvise, adapt and overcome has never been more relevant, and as trade show after trade show and meeting after meeting are cancelled, we at Dragonbridge took to the digital drawing board and started to work the problem.

The result is the Dragonbridge Digital Show Pack – an alternative option for businesses to present a wide variety of content to both existing and potential customers that harnesses the power of cutting edge technology. If your trade show has been cancelled, we can provide a plan B. If your product launch, factory inspection or new business meeting has been shelved, we can bring it to life from the homes of the participants.

In short. We can help you to stay close to your customers at a time when you can’t get close.

Through the use of 4k resolution virtual reality filming, 360° photography and aerial cable/drone videography, linked to a supporting content/pr strategy, we can enable companies to deliver impactful and inspirational presentations to their global customers, prospects and workforce. In turn, at a time when sustainability has never been more at the forefront where CSR strategies are concerned, this approach significantly reduces environmental impact while increasing accessibility.

The core components of the Dragonbridge Digital Pack include:

1. Visual:

VR virtual reality tours: Ideal for “walk through” or “walk around” environments, from production lines and exhibition booths to aircraft hangers and energy installations – even through to shops and offices. The benefit of this approach is the ability to include information hotspots and calls-to-action wherever needed on the “tour” which can link to text, graphics or video to demonstrate features, educate and inform the visitor. The uses of this VR approach are many, ranging from giving a demonstration of a machine and training users virtually, to launching a car or showcasing an environment to delivering a virtual health & safety tour of a factory premises.

Note: We create fully “depth perceptive” VR tours, with 4k resolution to deliver ultra-high quality immersive content to your audience. Accessibility is also a feature, allowing audiences to experience your produce or workplace in a way that is comfortable and convenient for them.

See our example of a VR booth tour here. Feel free to walk around:


Animated 360° photography: ideal for machines, vehicles, components, etc, to demonstrate quality of build, features and benefits.

Aerial interior/external filming: Ideal to showcase larger environments such as factories, airfields and larger workplaces, where drone or cable flyover/fly-through filming will demonstrate scale or accentuate the joined-up nature of the operation.

Video, Prezi or PowerPoint presentations, which could also embed elements of the above, for additional impact and effectiveness.

Graphics: Our creative team are brand and identity specialists and will ensure that all visual imagery produced, either digitally or traditionally, reflects our clients’ corporate ID guidelines and current brand look and feel.


2. Supporting leadership content:

As an alternative to being unable to present a trade show booth, press conference or product launch event to a large number of attendees we would also recommend linking the above visual approach firmly to your content and media strategy, to deliver a rounded and integrated approach. Supporting strategic thought-leadership content should cover areas such as:

Press Releases: covering your virtual stand, product launch etc and emphasising the availability of key spokespeople & video conference links, the high-quality stunning imagery and accessibility to the product – as well as the corresponding significant reduction in carbon footprint achieved by presenting virtually.

Other content pieces such as White Papers, Customer Case Studies, and other value-add PR leadership pieces, pitched to relevant media to maximise coverage around the launch of your virtual presentation.

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