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In a world where communications has changed beyond recognition, it is my belief that whatever balance is struck between real and digital lives, people will always buy people first. Integrity, partnership and outstanding client care are key.

Bernard Guly

Managing director

With a career specialising in brand, PR and corporate communications, Bern has worked, managed and led businesses in key areas such as international management and relationship development, corporate, brand, PR, digital and marketing communications. Always with an international perspective and a focus on content & visual strategy, driving results for his clients is truly what makes him tick. His commercial awareness, coupled with solid core personal and business values, delivers powerful communication strategies with integrity, diplomacy and dedication to client service.

Dr Lucy Liu

Director/ Business Head - Asia

Lucy holds an international doctor’s licence in Chinese medicine and an EMBA in Business Administration, gained in Beijing. Before joining Dragonbridge she worked extensively throughout China for many years, before moving to The Kingdom of Bahrain to head up a medical services business with customers throughout the Gulf region. In 2015 Lucy moved to the UK, where she founded and successfully grew her own service business. She now commutes between London, Shanghai, Beijing & Singapore liaising with our local team in the region.

Asia, and especially China, are key areas of growth for global businesses. So few companies have really engaged with these markets in any real depth, and having Dragonbridge on your team means that you have eyes, ears and boots on the ground in the region. These elements are core to maximising the effectiveness of your business activity and ROI in these key markets

In the technology, engineering and manufacturing sectors we have only just begun to scratch the surface of what is possible. Bolstered by powerful and effective communications, the future is becoming more and more exciting every day.

Laith Sadiq Ph.D, FIET

Business Head - Corporate Strategy

Offering core expertise in commercial strategy and the leveraging of C-level relationships to exploit traditional and new high-growth markets, Laith brings to Dragonbridge and its clients a proven track record that extends from creating new service offerings and launching the next stage of technology products, to growing global alliances and building channel relationships that result in multi-million dollar sales opportunities.

Freddie Green

Creative Consultant

Freddie has over 15 years’ experience as a Digital Creative Director, focusing on Brand and Digital Innovation for large scale organisations and SMEs in both the UK and internationally. His passion is to drive the success of the companies he engages with through a combination of human-centric strategies, creative ideas and technical innovation.

Brand and Digital Innovation isn't something that can be bought off the shelf. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, therefore businesses have to be prepared to learn and adapt. If they do, results can be found quickly, and those results will pave the way (and pay the way) for long term success.

I love to take on those challenges that others shy away from. That’s where the real creativity can be found. It’s about offering solid ideas that come from a place a customer may never have thought of before and, wherever we have to operate in whatever timescale, we will deliver above and beyond.

Ben Cottman

Business Head: Digital & Social Media Film, Aerial, 3D/VR photography

Ben is a specialist in creating technically-challenging media, from aerial film and photography to underwater filming and virtual reality tours, capturing footage and delivering ready-for-broadcast content matched to our client’s specific needs and requirements. His understanding of what makes content stand out and engage is unsurpassed, and his mantra of always going several steps beyond what is expected ensures the end result delivers on every level, from Video to Social Media posts.

Heath Fradkoff

Business Head - Americas

Heath’s passion is to help innovative corporate brands break into, or thrive, in North America in an impactful and sustainable manner. With more than 20 years' experience, his work ensures that companies with compelling stories to tell can be heard by their target audiences. Through working with trade, consumer, business, tech and broadcast media, Heath enables our clients to reach millions of potential customers, amplifying key messages and driving their growth in the region.

The countries that make up the North American markets were founded by people who believed in big stories and sought potential, and that history is very much alive today. Ask the right questions, tell the right stories, and you can make a big impact.

A full stop is never the end of the story in communications. Read beyond it. It’s always the beginning of something new. Start something new today.

Claudia Hardt

Business Head - Middle East

Claudia has more than 20 years’ senior experience as a specialist communicator in the corporate world. Her career has seen her gain in-depth knowledge across a range of industry sectors, such as hospitality, aviation, tourism, destination management, oil & gas, real estate (including masterplan development) and non-profits. Having worked around the globe with a strong presence in the Middle East, Claudia has a deep understanding of the different corporate cultures and communications channels. Believing in creative communications, dedicated networking and sincere relationship development, her passion for the spoken and written word, as well as her infectious enthusiasm for PR and journalism, help us to deliver true competitive advantage for our customers across all communications strategies.

Atsuko Watanabe

Business Head - Japan

Atsuko Watanabe is a globally experienced creative lead with a strong understanding of brand strategy and marketing communications in both the B2B and the B2C sectors. Her accomplishments encompass a wide range of disciplines - from planning and design consultancy for retail stores, to product packaging, corporate design, promotional campaigns, events and creative workshops – for high profile clients in Government, Financial Services, Technology, FMCG, Real Estate and Hospitality.
Having lived in multiple cities, including Luxembourg, London, Los Angeles, Bahrain, Dubai and Tokyo, her global perspective with a Japanese sensibility provides unique solutions for our clients’ needs.

In order to deliver creatively, a firm understanding of the landscape a business operates within is fundamental. Creative campaigns succeed or fail based on their ability to invoke emotion in their target audiences. I do not like to fail.