“Company Re-start”
The Dragonbridge approach.

With reduced travel and exhibitions, conferences and events largely postponed until 2021, how do you market to your customers, launch your products and continue to generate revenue? Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go digital: Leverage digital sales & marketing tools to generate new leads and revenue. The demand for digital services and products, from both customers and employees working from home, has hit record levels. Consumer sentiment surveys have shown how significantly online sales have increased across the globe, with new digital activities becoming standard behaviour
  2. Market your company: In this new environment, it is important to use new digital tools to let the market know that you are still here and that you have new products/services/solutions to launch. Governments globally are starting to loosen the lockdown laws in order to restart their economies and therefore it is vital, at a time when business people cannot attend large gatherings (exhibitions, conferences, seminars), to market their products, to develop new ways to approach the market, generate new revenue streams and stay ahead of competitors. You therefore need to keep generating interest in your brand, your products and your services and through this to keep generating revenue.
  3. Accelerate your digital operation/upgrade your digital capabilities: reducing face-to-face time and visits by sales, marketing, engineers etc and digitalise as many of these processes as possible to generate new sales leads.

Our Re-start Package


Working with you, we will develop a virtual marketing & sales operation for your company, to reduce travel and face-to-face meetings, which will be outlined in key steps in our “Company Re-start Package”. This approach will guide you in how to get back to business and generate revenue in this new world. The solution will be tailored, unique to you and your business, and would incorporate elements of the following:

Your corporate brand refresh & marketing: Developing new messages to the market, a re-focused public relations & media programme, Q&A’s with your key spokespeople, re-worked website content and associated corporate & marketing collateral. Showcasing your premises and products through video / virtual reality tours / 360°photography & presentations.

Product marketing: A combination of traditional and digital communications tools such as pre-launch PR, content (press releases, thought-leadership white papers, articles), social media, microsites, product marketing material, email marketing, virtual launches, virtual exhibitions and webinars. To be tailored to your company’s needs and business strategy.

Digital capability enhancement: Enabling product inspection, ordering, fulfilment etc online and reducing travel and face-to-face time significantly. Driven by website upgrading, to include a mix of video, VR & 360° showcasing, informational microsites, customer portals where processes and procedure are facilitated and webinars, as appropriate. The objective would be to reduce face-to-face interaction to around 10-20% of that currently and, with most of the relevant information online, reducing the need to travel to a minimum – in the process also improving your company’s carbon footprint.


Maximising the use of video & virtual reality filming to keep engaged with your customers, prospects and staff worldwide.
Companies need to continuously stay front of mind with prospects for when business picks up again and Dragonbridge offers you ways of staying close to your customers at a time when travel and face-to-face contact is increasingly impractical.
Video and film can play a key role and we will advise on how you should leverage video and virtual reality filming (VR tours) of your factory or premises. We will demonstrate to you the features & benefits of this technology in a practical way, building on the example VR booth we have already produced (link to VR booth, in DB Blog). We will demonstrate how a VR factory tour could be structured, incorporating video interviews with engineers, board members, QA and hyperlinks to relevant data and graphics. We will also explore other requirements, such as internal training on production lines or delivering health & safety information.
And, we will illustrate the opportunities of embedding interactive/360° animated content, such as views of machinery or of your products, to highlight features and benefits to potential users or buyers. We understand that external and internal communications will of course have different agendas, audiences and levels of confidentiality. Of special interest to larger or international organisations, with this technology we also have the ability to take a satellite view of your geographical locations and, with aerial drone filming, to combine the exterior view and walkaround of your premises with the interior VR walk-through. This allows you to showcase the scale, connectivity and locations of your operations, and to place them in a global context if required.

Please contact the Dragonbridge team for further information on the most effective re-start solution for your company .