2020 – A summing up

Unique is a very diplomatic way to describe 2020. For many it has been devastating, both personally and professionally, but as always the wheels have continued to turn and the B2B sector in particular has shown its trademark resilience and ability to adapt in the midst of a global pandemic.

For Dragonbridge it was the start of something new, something fresh, and with resolve and a certain amount of agility, the company has successfully delivered for its clients as approaches to PR and Marketing have changed almost overnight. Conferences and events were suddenly cancelled, and as the industry asked the question “what now?” our team was already developing a format that could be rolled out virtually - in place of the in-person experience.

Ben Cottman, our Business Head in charge of Virtual Reality & Video, set to work with the team to create a virtual trade show booth template with a difference, drawing on his expertise in producing 3D virtual tours of private jets, country estates and high end retail spaces to create a trade show experience that is as close to being there in person as is possible to achieve. Our clients are delighted and we’ve been told that it’s one of the best around, which is very rewarding.

“We researched many virtual offers throughout this process and found the vast majority to be a little flat and uninspiring. What we have developed here is akin to a 3D walkaround such as those commonly used in the real estate sector, transporting the visitor to a trade show stand that is fully interactive with the ability to deliver a wide range of content. It is the next best thing to physically walking around a booth and is a far more cost effective way to deliver information to prospects and existing customers alike.”

Cost is of course a key area in times of uncertainty and the challenge to raise revenue in 2021 is one that will likely have to be met with more limited budgets for PR and marketing activities. As a result, content has become even more key to deliver powerful messaging across multiple platforms in as cost effective a way as possible. Engaging with the correct audience is paramount, particularly when looking to stimulate investment, and a strategic approach is required to ensure what is delivered will resonate.

Laith Sadiq, our Business Head of Corporate Strategy, is available directly to our clients to help shape the correct corporate messaging and to advise on everything from engaging with the C-suite to raising investment capital. He noted: “Whether a business is established or just finding its feet in 2020, delivering better communications with reduced budgets will be a common situation. Communicating effectively to investors on changes to corporate strategy is of the utmost importance, and positioning a business to effectively raise new capital where required will be pivotal. Whatever the approach, it should be backed with a solid strategy, developed collaboratively to ensure maximum impact is achieved.”

One of the core capabilities of many businesses around the world is delivering local service at a global level, and this is one of the many benefits Managing Director Bern Guly was determined to put in place for Dragonbridge clients. As a result, an office was officially opened in Bahrain in July 2020 and strategic business heads appointed in the Middle East, Japan, the US and of course here in Europe.

Bern commented: “Launching Dragonbridge Communications last year is the culmination of many years of running agencies globally and myself and the team have drawn on our collective experience to instigate the very best elements of a communications business to deliver at the highest level for our clients. One of the key points for me was to ensure our clients could do business with an agency that was not only based where they are, but has a solid working knowledge of the markets and environments they serve. As such, our Business Heads and their teams are expert in the media landscape and cultural sensitivities of their regions and are on hand to serve our clients at all times.

“As the year draws to a close, there is no doubt that further challenges lie ahead. However, through working together strategically, light will be created at the end of the tunnel. Versatility, agility and planning are essential, and with the right partner in communications those companies that have faith in themselves will have the power to continue to grow in 2021 and beyond. Economic indicators point to an upswing in global economic activity from Q1 next year and, in fact, I am very positive about 2021. We are going to make it a great year, for Dragonbridge and for our clients!”